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CPSC 104: Thing 2, Twitter

Our next topic is on micro blogging, which is much smaller than a normal blog, usually consisting of a few lines of texts, and/or an image/video. The most notable form of micro-blogging is the phenomenon known as Twitter. is a social network that allows its microbloggers to send and receive text that is 140 characters or less, called “tweets.” A tweet can be read by any of the twitterer’s followers, who are people that have chosen to receive the twitter’s tweets.
This relatively simple concept has been incredibly successful, in part due to its simplicity. But Twitter provides a service already provided by in the form of status updates, and Facebook has many more options available to it. So for my personal use between me and my friends, I find Facebook to be vastly superior to Twitter, rendering it relatively useless. But Twitter has one important aspect going for it in how it has developed. Celebrities have taken quite a liking to Twitter and use it to directly connect with their fans—without the invasive medium of paparazzi. I have never been into celebrity stalking magazines such as People (although People isn’t too bad compared to some of the other ones) because they are all secondary sources. With Twitter, I can learn about a celebrity straight from the source. I am now following Eminem on Twitter, and I learned that one of his favorite hobbies is old-style Donkey Kong Arcade (, and he’s ridiculously good. I also plan to follow other celebrities when I have time to figure out which ones use twitter, and I have now installed the Twitter app on my iTouch. Man, technology is everywhere.