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RSS: Thing 11

Really Simple Syndication, or RSS for short, is a “TiVo” of sorts for the internet. RSS feeds allow sites to list references to continually updating web pages in a chronological fashion. The most common use of this syndication is for news, and many news sites such as ABC, NBC, FOX, and CNN, will have a portion of their sites dedicated to RSS feeds. For example, if you want to keep updated on all major current events, you can simply subscribe to CNN’sTop Stories rss feed. Or if your more of a sports person, you can subscribe to the appropriate ESPN RSS feed.

RSS feeds require the use of an RSS reader, which is an online application designed to read and organize RSS feeds, such as Google Reader. Many mobile devices such as the iPhone can support RSS reader apps such as Google’s.

RSS feeds aren’t limited to official publications, and they have plenty of practical uses. Educators can create RSS feeds to keep students updated with particular information regarding coursework. Consumers can also learn about new products through RSS feeds, or follow daily online deals.

The development of RSS feeds have created a much more user-friendly web-browsing environment. You can insert RSS feeds into any web page and they are available from any computer. You can also save time by skimming a list of headlines to find something you might be interested in, and all are void of annoying pop-ups and advertisements.

Really Simple Sydication delivers information from the internet to you in an easier, more manageable format.