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Social Bookmarking & Tagging: Thing 10

Social bookmarking is a way to search for information on the web, allowing internet users to search, manage, organize, and most importantly, share their bookmarks of websites with others. Sites such as Delicious allow users to tag websites with keywords that are then indexed to allow anyone searching for a particular topic to easily find the appropriate information. This type of collective usage of the web creates a reference database that anyone can access, but differing from the traditional bookmarking of your favorite sites on your web browser.

Another popular social bookmarking site is Connotea, which is a “free online reference management service for scientists, researchers, and clinicians.” Connotea will automatically collect metadata from articles in reputable websites, and users can bookmark and tag these articles for easy access later. These tags are also made publicly viewable, so anyone can see them and easily find accurate information for his or her research.

Diigo , which stands for the “Digest of Internet Information, Groups and Other stuff”” is a third social bookmarking site that also allows its users to tag and share information, but with one special innovation. Diigo users can highlight any part of a webpage, and attach a “sticky note” that contains further information which is not necessarily available on that page.

Social bookmarking and tagging shifts the indexing of information on the web to the user, so web surfers no longer have to rely on official search engines such as Google to find information. While it doesn’t replace Google, social bookmarking sites create an additional avenue for the collection of information on the web.